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About Studio

Leading studio of art mosaic and stained glass in St. Petersburg – Artmonument creates mosaic panels and stained glasses in all the diversity of forms of these art directions. The studio has a rich experience in the using of mosaic pictures in the design and interiors. The studio has created hundreds of original mosaic pictures and stained glasses and there is probably no other modern workshop in Russia that has such an experience in the variety of mosaic works.

That experience that forms the skills and professionalism is like the visiting card of the studio. The studio works with orders, and also sells mosaic paintings from the exhibition fund. Long-term practice is a guarantee of quality and an indicator of reliability in executing an order. For the years of work of the studio, and this studio is the same age like the 21th century, the use of mosaic has become more ubiquitous. Previously, it was believed that the mosaic is an exceptionally monumental technique designed to decorate the facades of architectural structures like a railway station, a sports palace or a metro station, now this sacred art penetrated into the living space of the interior in the form of decorative panels on the floor, wall or bottom of the pool.

The kitchen backsplash and the table top, the mosaic carpet and picture, the ornamental decoration and sculpture – today they are all of mosaic objects, and the studio masters professionally embody the brightest art ideas in smalt, finding their place in modern interior design.